Ballerina Perfection!

I met the Courtney family many years ago when I started working with her mother. I loved their sweet personality and kind heart. I asked if I could take several photos of Mia for my portfolio project coming up. I had the pleasure of seeing what an amazing ballerina she is! I love themed shoots and I enjoy taking the time to set up each small detail. I spent several hours setting up the piano photos and prepping for each shot. I love every moment in my job!

Every little girl grows up wanting to be a ballerina and Mia has had the pleasure to be one! I love going to ballets and performances, so photographing a ballerina was such joy! I think it is amazing how ballerinas can move their bodies to show so many emotions. The slow moments of each pose can show strength, fear, grace, or elegance. I hope Mia continues to do great things with her talent! She rocked this photo shoot.

We also has some fun with other types of photos but I have to say that my favorite was the ballerina shots! Visit my website to find out more information about my work at






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