You + Me

I cannot believe that I met Brad over 10 years ago. We met in high school and our relationship has grown through the years. I feel so blessed to be his wife! Life hasn’t been easy all the time but we both want to work through the growing pains. When I told Brad I wanted to go back to college to become a photographer he was on board. Through continuing my career as a teacher, traveling every summer to present, working as a second photographer for Be Merry Photography, and building my own business, life has been busy! Knowing all of this, he still supported me through the late night editing, Saturdays photographing weddings, and Sundays photographing my own clients. He has been my rock!

So 10 years later, moved three times, building a small business, and many times away, we have grown closer than I could have imagined. This summer was long, busy, and lonely. I am so glad you are home! I am blessed to have married a strong man of God.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 A cord of three is not easily broken.



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