Moab, Utah December 2016

The second part of our trip turned out to be more amazing that I could imagine. We missed our connecting flight due to an avalanche. We decided to take the rental car and drive from Yellowstone to Moab. It was an 8 hour drive but was amazing. The views were so breathtaking. Once we arrived in Moab, we found our house and settled in. We always use HomeAway when we travel. We have booked so many different houses and have not been disappointed.

Day 1 in Moab we picked up the jeep. We decided to rent a Jeep from Twisted Jeep in Moab. He was friendly and very knowledgable. He gave us a few great locations. We traveled on Poison Spider Mesa. The book stated that it would take 5 hours. That turned into almost 8 hours. We did not prepare very well because we did not have any food, water, or bathrooms.  Even against the odds, the trail was amazing. It went straight up and then straight down. I was fine going up the trails but the trip down was a little scary for me. The guys loved it!

Day 2 we traveled to Towers Arch and Uranium Arch. These were the first arches we saw in Utah. This trail was a little bit more smooth and we brought food! I took most of the photos on this day because the sights were amazing. We tried to fit a trip to the famous arch in Moab but couldn’t make it before the sun went down.

Day 3 we decided to visit the well known Delicate Arch. WOW! It was beautiful and fun to hike to. We had to hike 2 miles up to see the arch and the sun was at the perfect location.

Needless to say a little trip turned into a family tradition. We have decided we will visit Moab many more times in the future. We want to travel in the other areas of Moab and we enjoyed the relaxed vibes of the locals.

Check back soon to see other vacations we have taken. We love to travel and will continue for the rest of our lives.

Explore somewhere new today!



All Photographs are copyrighted to 514 Photography. Please contact at for the purchase of photos.


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