Yellowstone December 2016

The first part of our trip was in Yellowstone. We rented a cute little cabin through Homeaway. The manager was sweet and helpful. The first day we went on a guided snowmobile tour to old faithful and back. We used the company Teton Valley Adventures. I would highly recommend them. They were knowledgeable and helpful the entire trip.  We started our adventure in West Yellowstone and traveled south on snowmobiles. It was an amazing excursion. We saw Eagles, Bison, Moose, and Elf. I loved getting the opportunity to photograph the beautiful places. After we traveled through Yellowstone we stopped for lunch at old faithful and waited for her to blow! It was really exciting to watch the event. This was my first time in Yellowstone and the views are amazing. We waited about 40 minutes outside for Old Faithful. We grabbed lunch and jumped back on the snowmobiles. We traveled to a waterfall and then headed to a few other locations. I had an amazing time and I’m glad I was able to see Yellowstone in the winter. There is something special about snow to me!

Day 2 We took our snowmobiles and traveled north about an hour. We found a cute park that allowed snowmobiles and we road around for hours. We found another waterfall and it was worth getting stuck a few times. Today was very cold!!!!! It was hard to stay warm, but beautiful to see. We spent Christmas Eve and Day snowmobiling all over Yellowstone and Idaho.

Day 3 We traveled to a nearby town and took the sleds out again. We saw several moose and almost got lost! It was a lot of fun to ride around and enjoy the surroundings. Todays trip was short because we didn’t bring much food.

Day 4 We traveled longer today with food. The down side was it was snowing so we couldn’t see the landscape as well.

Day 5 We returned the sleds and traveled to The Elk Refugee. WOW, was I impressed! Their were 10,000 Elk and we had an opportunity to learn about the culture and traveling in Jackson Hole. My favorite part of the trip was the Elk Refugee. We got to ride on an hour drawn sled, see eagles, and learn about the elk. We grabbed lunch and traveled back to our cabin. We had to pack up to head to Moab in the  morning.


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